Advice and services

The door to innovation in Flanders and Europe:

We support all Flemish companies and research centres in realizing their research and development (R&D) projects. We offer them not only access to Flemish support but also funding programmes of the European Commission. Moreover, we stimulate every type of collaboration through Flemish and European innovation networks:

  • Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship stimulates collaboration in Flanders through networks such as the Flemish Innovation Network (VIN?). We are the driving force of the network, which enables innovative Flemish companies and research centres to find and contact advisers and experts. More information can be found on
  • Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the national contact point (NCP) for supporting applications to international programmes such as:
    • the European Framework Programme 
    • projects within ERA-nets  
    • projects within INNO-nets
    • projects within EUREKA
    • projects within Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs)
    • projects within Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
  • Through the Enterprise Europe Network we stimulate international collaboration. This allows us to bring Flemish companies and research centres in contact with foreign partners and assist them in penetrating new markets for their technology transfer projects. 
  • Finely we share best practices with associated European agencies. Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship is involved with various international networks and actions. It is for example, a member of The Association For Technology Implementation in Europe (TAFTIE). This membership enables us to exchange best practices with 18 associated government agencies supporting technological innovation in Europe. 

More information on our services? 
​Please visit (in Dutch), mail info [at] vlaio [dot] be or call 0800 20 555.