Industrial R&D projects

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An industrial R&D project is a project of research and development carried out by one or several enterprises, sometimes in collaboration with research partners. It takes as its starting point a concrete problem or opportunity for which it is necessary to develop further knowledge and whose realisation implies considerable uncertainty. The project can involve a wide range of objectives and activities which can be both technological and non-technological in nature.

Distinction is made between two project types: research projects (50% funding level) and development projects (25% funding level). In some cases a project can be a combination of these two project types.

Priority is given to projects with a higher risk and an important expected impact in Flanders on an economic and possibly broader societal level. There is no preference for certain sectors, application domains or knowledge areas. Only projects for military applications will not be funded.

Applications may be submitted at any time and are treated individually.

For whom

Any enterprise, from an SME to the Flemish branch of a multinational company may request funding. The only condition is that the enterprise should have a legal personality upon signing the agreement. Furthermore, the enterprise should have the capacity to exploit the result to a sufficient extent in Flanders and hence create enough economic impact in the form of employment and investments.
However, this does not exclude the possible partial application of the project results abroad. Obviously, exporting the innovative products, etc. is not an issue.

Also NPIs and/or enterprises in the social profit sector may apply, if, like the other enterprises, they can demonstrate sufficient economic impact in Flanders.

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) also offers ample opportunities for cooperation between enterprises and research partners.

The application can be submitted by an individual enterprise or by several enterprises sharing the risk and financial burden of the project (industrial partners). A collaboration with other enterprises acting as subcontractors is also possible. The subcontractor’s costs are fully borne by the industrial partner(s) and are therefore eligible for a grant. Foreign enterprises which do not have their own rationale for valorisation may also be enabled as subcontractor.

Furthermore, it is also possible to collaborate with research institutes for the implementation of the project. The research institutes may be located either inside or outside Flanders. In either case, the industrial partners will bear the costs, which are therefore eligible for funding.

In practice

R&D Business projects
Duration                                                   preferably a maximum of 24 months
the project is part of an international project that runs for longer or if clearly
justified the project is up to 36 months, with an interim assessment after 24
Size • at least € 100.000 grant size
• funding capped at € 3.000.000
Funding rate basic funding rate of 25% for development activities and of 50% for research activities
increased by 20% for SEs and by 10% for MEs
increased by 10% for substantial cooperation between enterprises
Maximum number  none
Processing time approx. 4 months between submission and decision
International cooperation is possible (but not necessary) through participation in projects within international networks or partnerships promoted by the European Commission, such as Eureka and ERANET. An updated table of international funding programmes which can be accessed through the VLAIO funding of industrial projects is available on the VLAIO website ( Before initiating a funding request for international projects, the applicant should contact VLAIO.


Documents for submission

Handbook for Industrial Innovation - version January 2016 (21/2/2017)
Guidance document for submitting an application for an industrial R&D project - version June 2017 (27/6/2017)
Application Form for Industrial R&D Projects - version June 2017 (27/6/2017)
Template company information sheet - version June 2017 (29/6/2017)
The IWT general terms and conditions - version 2013.1 (20/06/2013)

Related documents

The information requested in the following instructions must be included in the block diagram of the shareholder structure, in support of the application template for R&D projects, SME innovation projects and SME feasibility studies.

You are free to customize the format of the block diagram.
You only need to fill in one of both (NL or EN).