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AvioVision nv – a starter? business from Leuven - wishes to market innovative solutions for common problems in “mission-critical” businesses or processes in which safety plays an important role.

By means of an SME-feasibility study and an innovation study, the company developed the “AvioBook”, a product that focuses specifically on the aviation industry. The development of the AvioBook platform is a distributed environment for providing relevant information and services to pilots. More specifically, the company is the first to develop the product called “EFB service” (Electronic Flight Bag). An EFB is a tablet PC or laptop which manages relevant electronic information and thereby assists aircrew in performing their tasks more efficiently and reduces the use of paper.

These projects should lead to the development of the core product, around which their future business will run, and which will form the basis for further long-term growth by expanding to other industries and services.